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  • I'm building new, what do I do?
    Call us first so we can get an idea of where the build is at and what you are looking to achieve. Whether you are at the initial design stage, or well under way with framing up, it's never too soon to start thinking about the layout of your kitchen. Once we've seen your floor plans, we go over the ideal layout you would like for your kitchen, keeping in mind appliances, traffic flow and practical use of the kitchen. When we have all this information, we supply you with a quote, floor plan and some 3D colour concepts of your kitchen. Supply of quote and plans for your kitchen space has a design fee of $280 +GST, this will be invoiced following your initial consultation.
  • I'm renovating an existing kitchen, what do I do?
    Call us to arrange an appointment for someone to come out and meet you on site. This way we can take a measured floor plan of the area and discuss your ideas and options with you. It is most likely that you will need to come into our office to discuss the options once we have got back to you with an initial quote. Have a think about the appliances you would like to fit into your new kitchen, will you re-use existing ones or swap them out for completely different styles? i.e change a free standing oven to a wall mounted unit? Get rid of the microwave off the bench and into a purpose built underbench unit? When we have all this information, we supply you with a quote, floor plan and some 3D colour concepts of your kitchen. Supply of quote and plans for your kitchen space has a design fee of $280 + GST, this will be invoiced following your initial consultation.” We have lots of ideas and experience and are more than willing to share these with you!
  • Revisions
    It is common to do revisions including changes to the plan, and pricing different material options. We are happy to work through these with you. If our quote is accepted and the job goes ahead the cost of this work is included in our quote. If our quote is not accepted or the job does not proceed this work will be charged for. We are happy to discuss this and agree to an amount at any stage through the revision process.
  • Timing
    You will be given a tentative installation date once the quote has been accepted and the date will be confirmed after we conduct our site measure. Gib must be on the walls for a site measure to occur. Depending on the project and materials, we typically aim to do this measure 2-5 weeks before your kitchen is installed. If there are any major amendments required you will be notified, and a new revised plan & price will be given if necessary. For minor amendments 100mm or under that do not affect pricing you may not be notified.
  • Appliances
    All appliances makes and models must be confirmed to Kitchens with Zest Ltd in writing, prior to manufacture. We require that most appliances are delivered to our factory prior to manufacture. These are required to ensure your appliances are installed correctly in accordance with supplier’s warranty terms and conditions. Failure to provide information or to have the required appliances at our factory could delay production.
  • Flooring
    Flooring product and specifications including underlay will need to be provided to Kitchens with Zest Ltd prior to the start of manufacturing the units.
  • Other trades
    Confirmation and contact details of all owner arranged trades will be needed prior to us conducting a site measure. We are happy to liaise with trades directly connected with the kitchen install to confirm exact dates and times they are required on site along with any health & safety requirements.
  • Removal of your existing kitchen
    If we are removing your existing kitchen, it usually takes us one day. This is dependant of factors including but not limited to, construction of kitchen, whether it is being re-used or disposed of, top material and site access. The main installation of your new kitchen will likely take 1-5 days depending on the size and complexity of the kitchen. There are often things that need to be completed after the initial install, eg leaving toe kicks off for the flooring to be completed, benchtop units after top install. Most laminate tops and some stainless steel tops will be installed at the same time as the cabinetry. Stainless and stone tops that require templating can take up to 10 working days after the main cabinetry is installed. Therefore, you will need to organise a different area to cook from during this period. Glass splashbacks will be measured and ordered after the tops have been installed, they generally take 5-10 days to arrive and be installed. It is not possible to know the condition of the walls and services behind your existing kitchen. Any repairs required to walls or services will be at the owners care/cost.
  • Installation
    In accordance with current health and safety requirements your kitchen area becomes our worksite while the installation is underway. Due to various hazards present on our worksite you are required to stay clear of the area while our installers are on site. ESPECIALLY keeping children and animals out. We are happy for you to come in and have a look at what is going on, but not to hang around as our installer will have to stop work while you are in our worksite.
  • Benchtops
    Join locations in the stone tops can be confirmed on site with the person templating the tops. We may be able to give you advance notice of the joins at the end design stage if asked for, we are guided by our benchtop manufacturers in all cases. Any item supplied by the client or other trades requiring holes or work to the top i.e. bowls, taps, air switches, soap dispensers, pop up power points etc. must be on site and in the kitchen before the top template is done. If these items are not available, it can hold up the top production. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Kitchens with Zest Ltd of any item that requires holes in the benchtop.
  • Warranty, care and cleaning
    Once installed we will provide you with specific warranty, care and cleaning documents for your new joinery. Please follow these instructions otherwise your warranties may be voided. In general, a clean, damp dishcloth with some dish-washing detergent should be all that is required. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners. DO NOT use steam mops on cabinetry or floors around cabinetry.

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